Help for churches

Cambridge & District Youth for Christ exists to help churches reach young people. If you’d like support from us, there are various options to suit your needs.


Get something going. Become our key partner church for 12-18 months,  and we’ll help you develop outreach to young people. We put the very best of all our resources and knowhow  at your disposal with the goal of making Jesus known in your community!

Cost: £100 a month*


Limitless is our resourcing and training for local church youth work. We run a training conference called LimitlessCommunity, which is a two year journey in parternship with other churches, looking at how we can be more effective discipling our young people and extending the reach of the youth work. LimitlessPlus is a similar conference for those who have already been through the LimitlessCommunity journey. LimiltessLeaders is a youth leaders training resource. It is a 5 week interactive video course, aimed to enable youth leaders to become excellent disciplers of young people.

Youthwork Resources

YFC is one of the worlds foremost providers of resources for Christian youthwork. With our state-of-the-art website offering a vast range of searchable ideas and fully customisable session plans, we can make your meetings easier to prepare and more effective than you thought possible!

Cost: from £10 a month

Cambridge Youthwork Collective

Join our free for everyone involved in Christian Youthwork in Cambridge and District. You’ll be encouraged by connecting with like minds, equipped through a range of high quality training events, and connected in to the latest news and resources. And all for free. What are you waiting for?

Cost: free to join, event costs vary