Tipping Point

What is the Tipping Point?

In his popular book ‘Tipping Points’, Malcolm Gladwell suggests that if you can reach 15% of a people group, something shifts. It’s the pivotal moment at which a trend crosses a threshold and goes viral.  Wouldn’t it be great if faith in Jesus spread like that to every young person?

What are we aiming for?

We have set ourselves the target of seeing 15% of young people passionately pursuing Jesus by the year 2025. We think that means at least 50 churches releasing 1000 leaders to influence 3000 young people as disciples of Christ.

How are we doing?

As we continue to work with churches in Cambridge and District, this counter is tracking the number of young people who have made sincere commitments to Jesus. We update it regularly as we work towards our goals.

Disciples: 111
Leaders: 39

What are we doing?

Cambridge & District YFC is committed to helping local churches make young disciples. 

LimitlessCommunity enables local churches to extend the reach of their youth ministry. One participating leader described the 2 year programme as being so powerful it had transformed not only the youth work, but their whole church!

Catalyst places skilled YFC youth workers in local churches. One elder recently commented, ‘We used to be providing a service to young people, now we are deliberately making disciples’.

Hope Revolution serves local churches with a range of Christian events for young people. At our last Fort Rocky weekend 26 young people made commitment to follow Jesus.

YFC also provides local churches with Bible teaching resources, youth leader training and mobilises prayer for young people.

How can I help?

We fully recognise that this is only possible through the abundant grace and power of God, and through the combined efforts of many people. If you want to be part of what God is doing, do consider how you can support youth ministry in your church. And why not tell us what you’re up to, or consider supporting our work through prayer, giving or volunteering?

Prayer – Are you passionate about praying for young people? Our LIFT prayer emails are designed to designed to provoke and inform churches and individuals in their prayer for young people. more …

Giving – Your generous support of our ministry will change the lives of local young people.

£10 a month will provide creative resources to a local church running an 11-14s outreach club.

£25 a month will support one youth leader with coaching in mission and discipleship.

£50 a month will give unchurched young people a chance to explore faith at Costa Coffee.

£100 a month will enable us to place a gap year worker in a local church more…

Volunteering – The work that we do wouldn’t be possible without a dedicated team of volunteers who offer their time and skills to Cambridge YFC at events through stewarding, catering, first aid, driving and other roles. more…