Fort Rocky



90 people returned home tired, happy and challenged by God from Fort Rocky 2014! 7 young people made clear commitments to following Christ, and we are hearing stories all the time about key conversations with their youth leaders in the days that followed. One 13 year old girl has made herself a new morning timetable which includes 10 minutes for prayer and bible reading every day!



After our pilot year in Burwell in 2013, we took 15 more young people and headed to Letton Hall in Norfolk. Everyone really enjoyed the grand venues with acres of land to explore. The go karting was a massive highlight, as was an outdoor cabret show lit by bonfire and torches!


promo6.jpgA team from Youth for Christ HQ led a series of 5 roadshows examining the theme of Identity. It really is amazing how all of us, and young people perhaps especially absorb messages form media and peers about who they are and what matters. But at the heart we are all made in the image of God, and worth the gift of his own dear Son. For some that was a life changing new idea at Fort Rocky.



With two sold out years behind us, we’re planning to take 120 people to Fort Rocky from October 23-25 2015. It’s one of the most exciting, demanding and rewarding events on our calendar. If you think you can help us through prayer, giving or volunteering, why not get in touch?