Soul Survivor 2018

18th — 22nd August
£29 per person for food Book now

Cambridge Youth for Christ are off to Soul Survivor 2018!

Soul Survivor is an awesome opportunity to hear great teaching, worship together and grow in your faith in Jesus. We’re going to week B this summer and we’d love to camp and eat together with as many groups as possible from Cambridge & District. If you want to be part of something bigger, join in!

What is Soul Survivor?

Soul Survivor is a summer festival of worship and teaching, aimed at young people aged 12 and above. There’s loads of fun things to do like sports, gigs, movies and cafe venues, but at the heart of the programme is a range of teaching seminars throughout the day and a big gathering of up to 10,000 people each morning and evening for worship, teaching and ministry.  See the event website for more. 

Who goes to Soul Survivor?

All are welcome at Soul Survivor. Everyone aged 16 and under needs to attend Soul Survivor with an adult who will be responsible for their welfare at all times. Normally this is young people from a church or group of churches, with their youth leaders acting as the responsible adult. If you don’t have a youth leaders, but want to come anyway, get in touch with us.

Some youth leaders bring younger children with them and there are special sessions laid on for them too.

Where do I stay?

Soul Survivor is held at the East of England Showground in Peterborough. It’s one massive campsite, packed full of tents and caravans for the week. There are showers and toilets dotted around the site. There are also a bunch of food vans doing takeaway food and drink, but most people cook and eat on the camp site.

How do I get there?

We’re encouraging local groups, with their own leaders, to organise their own transport to the venue. The site is about 45 minutes drive from Cambridge, so it is normally not too hard to find volunteers who are willing to transport groups in cars.

How do I join up with other groups?

We’d love to arrange for an many groups from our area to camp near to each other. If you make this clear when you book, (choose the right camping church, instructions below) we can create a little bit of Cambridge at the showground this summer – it would be great if youth leaders and young people can to hang out a bit this year, and make connections that can last when the event is over. When your booking detais come through from Soul Survivor, giving you the name of your designated camp site, contact us and let us know where you’re based so we can plan to be as close together on site as possible.

Who is doing the cooking?

Cambridge & District Youth for Christ has an experienced catering team who can provide food for the first 75 people (leaders and young people) who sign up to come with us. Who knows, in future years, we might be able to look after more! Let us take the hassle out of the experience by sorting out all the shopping and cooking, so you can relax and enjoy the prorgramme with your group. (We do like you to have a turn on washing up now and again).

How to join us at Soul Survivor

Step 1

To sign up with the Cambridge YFC group, head to the Soul Survivor website, and sign up for week B when asked for your camping church, choose ‘Ely Diocese’– this will mean that the Soul Survivor team can make sure we are camping in the same area.

Step 2

Once you or your group has booked into Soul Survivor, you’ll need to book your team in for catering through our own booking system. Just click here … and fill in your details.


How can I find out more?

For more information about any aspect of Soul Survivor, please don’t hesitate to contact us.