Higher Cambs

1st — 12th October

What is Higher Cambs?

The largest youth mission in Cambs in a generation – Coming October 2018!

Higher Cambs 2018 will see three mission teams deliver 30 school days across the region. Over two weeks of mission, we’ll reach 15,000 young people, give away 1,000 Bibles and train more than 50 new young evangelists.

Tell me more!

The Higher Tour is an initiative of The Message Trust, an award-winning charity that has been working with young people for 25 years. It was founded by Andy Hawthorne OBE and continues to work in locations across the UK. The Higher Tour is the largest mission to young people in a generation.

The big dream of the Higher Tour is that, in partnership with local churches and other youth agencies, we present the good news of Jesus Christ to tens of thousands of young people and offer them the opportunity to make a decision to become a lifelong disciple of Jesus.

Young people spend most of their time in school and so this is why it is a large focus of the tour. The Message Trust’s bands offer a variety of musical genres and lesson content, but each team aims to bring a positive¬† message to young people in schools and see then reach their full potential.

How can I get involved?

Updates: You can hear the latest developments and sign up to email updates on the website: http://highertour.com/cambs/

Prayer: John Wesley once said ‘God does nothing except in response to believing prayer. We’re building a rhythm of intercession as the mission approaches. We’re also looking to cover the 12 days of the event in round-the-clock prayer.

Giving: We are looking for 50 wonderful people who will give £15 per month throughout 2018 to support the mission. Are you one of them?

Volunteering: We need stewards and a response team at our 4 gospel concerts across the region. Can you help?

To express your interest, please email higher@cambridgeyfc.uk.


Also coming up are:

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Youth Conference – 15th September more…

Stay tuned for more information on these events …